My Philosophy

When I was a kid I fell in love with the idea of unrestricted creation.

Unrestricted creation is the idea that, with enough hard work, you can take anything from your mind and deliver it into the world. And you don't need anybody's permission to do it.

šŸ’° No investors.

šŸ‘Œ No approvals.

šŸ’ø No loans.

šŸ”Ø No manufacturing.

Just dream it, think it, build it. Repeat.

This passion manifested early in my life as a love for legos. As I got older, it became a love for the sandbox game Minecraft. And now, I make this dream a reality through building software.

That's my ultimate goal. I want to be able to spend every hour of every day taking whatever vision I have and making it a reality.

Today, I'm doing this by working to build a sustainable, profitable, self-funded business that I can live on. I closely follow MicroConf's ideology on this, and have been working at this goal for over a year.


So that's me,

šŸ˜„ Spencer